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Visitors to the centr-bbq blog
We all know that the goal of this blog is to keep the visitor going again. We continue to exchange ideas, and any visitor is entitled to express his opinion on articles and inquire about anything.
But I would like to inform you about some very, very important points that we wish all visitors to adhere

On the centr-bbq blog we talk about many areas through which you can be like you, like any graduate of information colleges.
 You will learn information for the first time you hear it, and if you want to know more about the blog, you can visit the page of us through which you will know what will be explained.
The points I want to know you about, we hope everyone not to cross them, so we do not allow any visitor or members to violate these rules.

    It is forbidden to display any pornographic content, any type of nudity, or anything that violates the world's traditions.
    It is prohibited to use the blog to promote any extremist, religious, or ethnic ideas.
    / It is forbidden to use comments to promote businesses, companies or individuals.
    / It is prohibited to publish any links to any channels, sites or blogs.
    / It prohibits bullying or insulting others, whether to people, or any entity, verbal or similar.
    It is forbidden to take any article and amend it, because this is our personal effort. We do not forgive anyone who takes something that is not his right.

We ask everyone to abide by all these provisions and do not allow any discussion in them, as these rules or items are subject to change at any time.
We wish all visitors not to understand us wrongly, as we do not order anyone
But every house has rules, and so does every site or blog that has rules. These are our rules we have told you and if you read them you will know that it is in everyone's interest.